Corporate Manager IT Intl Hotel Chain

  • Miami
  • Sector: Hostelería / Turismo / Restauración
  • Publicada hace 8 meses
  • Indiferente
  • Experiencia mínima: 5 Años
  • Nº de vacantes: 1
Corporate Manager IT Intl Hotel Chain

Descripción de la empresa

JCI Talent Search agencia española de selección de directivos en el sector hotelero y de ocio. Con una experiencia de más de quince años en el sector, ofrecemos soluciones personalizadas en selección y reclutamiento con la máxima confidencialidad para nuestros candidatos y clientes.

Descripción del puesto de trabajo

The Corporate IT Manager provides technology vision and leadership in the development and implementation of technology solutions for operations support. The DTI supports the competitiveness, productivity and modernity of trading through its technological development , making sure that it meets the needs of a corporate world class company ( highly effective , modern and profitable) , which allows to not only maintain its leadership in the field at local, regional and multinational levels, but extend the company ´s reach to new targets and markets.
What skills are required? Global management of communication services, data processing and business intelligence in multinational environments, management of multidisciplinary teams in multinational environments and multiple locations, distribution of products in B2C / B2B environments,
Information systems architecture ERP / Back / Front, Frameworks ITIL best practices and information security PCI -depth knowledge of hotel business.

Categoría: Tecnologías de la información

Nivel: Director

Estudios mínimos: Ingeniero Técnico



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