Assistant Financial Controller Resort 5* Marbella

  • Marbella
  • Sector: Hostelería / Turismo / Restauración
  • Publicada hace 9 meses
  • Indiferente
  • Experiencia mínima: 3 Años
  • Nº de vacantes: 1
Assistant Financial Controller Resort 5* Marbella

Descripción de la empresa

JCI Talent Search agencia española de selección de directivos en el sector hotelero y de ocio. Con una experiencia de más de quince años en el sector, ofrecemos soluciones personalizadas en selección y reclutamiento con la máxima confidencialidad para nuestros candidatos y clientes.

Descripción del puesto de trabajo

The Assistant Financial Controller is responsible to provide management, leadership and accountability for the financial performance of the property.

Key Tasks

• Provide a professional, advisory and executive support to the Financial Controller in meeting the strategic goals of the company.
• Assist Financial Controller to prepare and submit reports that are concise, comprehensive, accurate and timely. This includes all financial reports, operating
budgets, cash flows and financial forecasts.
• Practise effective balance sheet management and ensure the reconciliation are completed monthly.
• Practise effective cash flow management and to communicate all significant cash flows to Financial Controller on a regular basis.
• Assist in developing Department Heads so that they may take more responsibility for forecasting their department operating and financial performance.
• Assist Financial Controller to ensure the compliance level to relevant contractual and legal obligations; Finance Standard Operating Procedures; The Hotel Management Contract; All Hotel Company Policies and Procedures.
• Assist in managing any financial requests/duties as may be requested from Head Office and Owner.
• Advice on strategies aimed at cost minimisation and maximisation of revenue opportunities.
• Review and monitor internal controls within the hotel.
• Implement and maintain training systems to ensure that employees have the necessary framework and skills to perform their job efficiently and effectively.
• Prepare work schedules and annual leave schedules within budget, business expectations and guidelines of the appropriate industrial legislation.
• Oversee the selection and appointment of new employees within the department.
• Ensure compliance with legislated health and safety requirements within the workplace.

Key Requirements

• Proven experience in a comparable Finance role, with hospitality experience preferred.
• Exceptional level of communication, organisation, attention to detail, and a strong accounting background with duties include balance sheet reconciliations,
month end closing preparations, as well as fixed asset register preparations.
• Strong level of leadership, analytical and numerical skills, legislation and information systems knowledge.

Categoría: Finanzas

Nivel: Ejecutivo

Estudios mínimos: Diplomado



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