Human Resources Consultant

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  • Sector: Servicios de RR.HH.
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Human Resources Consultant

Descripción del puesto de trabajo

We, PER SÉ Recursos Humanos (, are looking for a HUMAN RESOURCES CONSULTANT in Atlanta, Georgia to collaborate in the development of Human Resources strategies acting as a strategic partner of PER SÉ.

What are we looking for?

We are looking for a Human Resources Consultant based in Atlanta for support and collaboration in the development and comprehensive implementation of Human Resources plans.


Its functions, amongst others, will be the following:
• Analyzing and performing the description of the different roles within the companies.
• Collaborating in the recruitment strategy by conducting the search and selection of personnel based on the companies’ needs.
• Collaborating in the implementation of the compensation and benefits strategy for the different roles within the companies.
• Collaborating in the improvement and implementation of the companies’ training plan, ensuring an adequate development of the professional career of the different collaborators.

Categoría: Recursos humanos

Nivel: Algo de responsabilidad

Estudios mínimos: Grado


• Solid track record in Human Resources advice to companies.
• Experience in the implementation of Compensation and Benefit strategies.
• Alignment with the mission, vision and values of PER SÉ Human Resources.

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