Director of Operations Rum Winery & Distillery


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Director of Operations Rum Winery & Distillery

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Director of Operations Rum Winery & Distillery in Cuba
Summary of main tasks
 Selection and purchase of barrels to expand the winery and achieve the winery strategy.
 Comprehensive review of the calculation and planning of the winery with its subsequent management model.
 Optimisation of the purchase of laboratory equipment with support for quality procedures.
 Formulation of BT concentrate: supplier substitution (1000 litres/month) + 100% natural spices.
 Formulation of a syrup for other Oky formulations (popular product in Cuba).
 Suppliers.
Working Group:
 Maestro Ronero for cellar and formulation issues
 1st Chemist, for lab subjects
 Quality Specialist, for process issues and certifications.
 Commercial Specialist, for procurement issues
 Operations Manager, as coordinator between factory and Rum Consultant
 Operations Supervisor for supervision and monitoring of the Project
 Product development Exports/Global + Strategy

• Assessment of barrels for cellar, according to current Cuban standards and cellar strategy.

• Cellar Planning and Strategy

• Technical support on keg filling/emptying equipment to optimise warehouse operations.

• Technical assistance on a new ageing hall to be built:

• Inventory and warehouse quality control procedure




• Evaluation and recommendations regarding the infrastructure and equipment necessary for the blending process

• Continuous support and advice during the process of preparing raw materials for blending both for ageing and for rums and liqueurs.

• Analysis and options of chemical and natural inputs.

• Setting up a special working room for formulation: what is required such as equipment and technological elements, conceptual ideas.


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