Sales Manager MICE 5* Luxury Resort Mallorca


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Sales Manager MICE 5* Luxury Resort Mallorca

Descripción del puesto de trabajo

We are looking for a Sales Manager MICE a 5* Luxury Resort in Mallorca.

The individual must possess the following knowledge, skills and abilities and be able to explain and demonstrate that he or she can perform the essential functions of the job, with or without reasonable accommodation, using some other combination of knowledge, skills, and abilities:

 Must be able to speak, read, write and understand the primary language(s) used in the workplace and in the segmented markets.
 2 year experience in similar position
 Must be able to read and write to facilitate the communication process.
 Requires good communication skills, both verbal and written.
 Most tasks are performed in a team environment with the employee acting as a team player. There is minimal direct supervision.
 Knowledge of sales skills.
 Must possess basic computational ability.
 Must possess computer skills, including, but not limited to, Microsoft Word, Excel. Good knowledge of Opera Sales & Catering & PMS systems in order to be competent in checking bedroom and meeting space availability
 Ability to assess/evaluate performance fairly.
 Knowledge of hotel and competitive environment.
 Desire to participate as part of a team.


Fluent level of English and Spanish are required.

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