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Director of Housekeeping 5* Hotel Ibiza

Descripción del puesto de trabajo

We are looking for a Director of Housekeeping for a 5* Hotel in Ibiza.

Duties and Responsibilities

- Vision and Values: Offer an exceptional experience for guests and develop hosts to be the very best they can be.

- Wellness: I will fully embrace, implement and safeguard the Wellness overall philosophy, concepts and programs that are the pillars of wellness.

-Sustainability: As Director of Housekeeping, I will ensure all directives on environmental protection and preservation, re-usage and minimum wastage, purchasing and packaging such as the abolition of single-use plastic by 2022, social responsibility and all other practices documented in the Sustainability Guidelines are followed in the department to maintain a harmonious and sensitive approach to our environment and cultural surroundings.

- Operational Ownership: In this role, I will assume full responsibility for the efficient operation of the Housekeeping department to provide exceptional products and services within brand operating standards.
I will ensure that all set policies, procedures, best practices are in place and rigorously enforced.
I will support the Resort Manager/Director of Rooms and focus on the rejuvenation of the room/public area and laundry experience.
I will work in partnership with Front Office/Guest Services, Reservations and F&B to ensure guest’s needs are determined /met and oversee the overall smooth operation of Housekeeping department.
I will have a thorough knowledge of all facilities and services offered by the resort including type of rooms available as well as their location and layout. I will administer all housekeeping and laundry facilities and ensure secure environment for all our guests.
I will continually focus on the rejuvenation of the room/public area and laundry experience.
A high standard of personal appearance, grooming and hygiene, plus comprehensive knowledge of safety, security and emergency and hygiene procedures will be maintained by myself and all hosts in line with brand and statutory requirements.
An important part of the role is to interact with guests and hosts in a professional, courteous and positive manner and proactively seek feedback. I am responsible for an exceptional guest experience from arrival to departure. In the event of guest complaints, I will effectively carry out service recovery or charge our hosts to do so to the satisfaction of guests.

- Administration: Forecasting and reporting requirements for the role will be completed accurately, on time and maintained for reference. Corrective action will be taken immediately when issues are identified, particularly for Quality assessments.

- Quality: Product and service quality is continually reviewed through my physical presence in rooms/laundry and public areas on a regular basis and our rigorous adherence to LQA standards and guest comments. Service and product maintenance issues are promptly rectified.
All activities within the department will be carried out ethically, honestly and within the parameters of local law.

- Financial Performance: In this role, I will instill a revenue-focused philosophy through training and education so that all hosts are fully engaged with driving revenue opportunities. Payroll costs will be minimized by maximizing the productivity and efficient scheduling of hosts. My department’s operational budget will be strictly adhered to and all costs will be continually monitored and controlled to drive profitability, while taking into consideration the preservation of required standards with every decision made. Forecasting is undertaken on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual basis to ensure budgets are met and exceeded.


- Skills and Experience:
To execute the position of Director of Housekeeping, I have the required qualifications, technical skills and experience in a similar or greater role in luxury hotels with proven results. I possess a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree in Hospitality, Hotel or Business Management and more than five years’ experience in a similar hotel operational role.
I am a personally involved, visible and proactive leader with excellent organizational skills, capable of providing focused direction and continuing to establish the property’s prominent position within the market. I possess a well-developed capability for strategic decision-making and a track record of proven results in the areas of customer satisfaction, operational excellence, host satisfaction, revenue and profit.
In terms of housekeeping management, I have an intuitive sense of product and service quality, a passion for excellence and an understanding of the sophisticated needs of the luxury customer.
My financial acumen positions me as a business savvy leader with demonstrated financial understanding and interpretation of reports plus cost and inventory control.
From a people management perspective, I am a responsive, engaged and interactive leader, capable of building strong positive relationships with hosts that results in a shared vision of success for the operation, demonstrated ability to leverage shared resources, undertake training as needed and to manage through influence.
Technical skills include Advanced MS Office – Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook. I am also familiar with various hotel systems including OPERA platforms. I have the knowledge of hotel/resort and policies on room allocation etc. I have an excellent command of written and spoken English with some knowledge of the local language and customs.

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