Corporate Operations Manager for Restaurants Malta

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  • Sector: Hostelería / Turismo / Restauración
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Corporate Operations Manager for Restaurants Malta

Descripción de la empresa

JCI Talent Search is a Spanish agency for selecting managers in the tourism and hospitality Area. With an experience of more than 19 years in the sector, we offer customized solutions in selection and recruitment with the utmost confidentiality for our candidates and clients.

Descripción del puesto de trabajo

International Hotel Company is expanding its portfolio of restaurants throughout Malta, being a must to engage a Director of Operations to coordinate and organized all operational activities involved in such restaurants. The future Director of Operations must ensure that our products & services meet all customer’s requirements.
The executive will report to Director of the Leisure Company (restaurants) and to the Board of Directors when required.

Among all personal and managerial abilities, it will be very much valued:

a) Vast experience in flagship restaurants (from casual to fine dining) and having pre-opening experience would be considered an asset.
b) A highly energetic and motivated person.
c) With very good planning and organizational skills.
d) Natural leader who could blend in a team.
e) Self-confident personality being able to take decisions and solve problems.
f) Good communicator and able to influence people.
g) With excellent reporting skills.
h) A natural challenger as this director needs to constantly challenge the status quo: sales, costs, quality, customer satisfaction…etc.

We could group future responsibilities as follows:

1. Good product knowledge, due to the diversity of concepts among the restaurants.
2. Customer Care
3. In charge of Operations and all Quality system involved.
4. Human resources.
5. Financial aspects.
6. Sales & Marketing
7. Hygiene, safety and security

Categoría: Turismo y restauración

Nivel: Ejecutivo

Estudios mínimos: Diplomado

Tipo de contrato: Indefinido



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